Gillian Fry B.Ag.Sc(hons), Dip Bus Mgt.


The Principal Consultant of Network SW Consulting is Gillian Fry.

She has over 30 years experience in project management, community engagement, strategic planning and communications in sustainable agriculture and natural resource management. She has both extensive strategic and practical on ground experience.

Gill has extensive strategic planning experience, especially in communication and community engagement. This requires a range of highly developed communication, facilitation and negotiation skills.

Gill is an artistic graphic designer. She has a flair for design and produces sensational brochures, signage and publications. Some examples of Gills design work are on 'What we do'.

Gill is also an avid photographer and has a wide range of nature, environmental and sustainability photographs. Gill is especially passionate about taking photographs of the stars and auroras. She has won many awards for her photography.

Gill is a skilled facilitator. She has the ability to encourage and stimulate good discussion and help draw the group to the way forward.

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Ian Fry

Ian Fry

Ian Fry has extensive practical on ground experience in farming and agricultural contracting.

Ian set up the three demonstration farms for the Soil Health Group and coordinated the soil monitoring and evaluation.

Ian was an EBMP Facilitator for the Glenelg Hopkins CMA. He brings the practical hands-on experience to Network SW Consulting and an understanding and appreciation on what is occurring at the coal face. In this role he was responsible for assisting and encouraging farmers through the EBMP process and understands the difficulties and pitfalls encountered.

He not only has an in depth understanding of facilitating EBMP and EMS, but also an empathy at the farmer level regarding implementation of environmental practices. Ian was brought up on a dairy farm and was a successful dairy farmer for 14 years and zone winner for Dairy Sharefarmer of the Year. He understands the constraints and pressures on farmers to be environmentally aware, productive and sustainable.

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