Strategic Planning

"We are extremely happy with your draft communications plan.  It is one of the most professional plans we have seen.  In particular, you have taken a long term view and considered our communications activities as extending beyond the life of the current project."
Megan Leyson
Porter Novelli

"Thanks very much Gill. A top quality strategic plan, on time and on budget - as always."
Shelley Lipscombe
Regional Landcare Co-ordinator
Glenelg Hopkins CMA

"I am really pleased with the guidelines. The flow diagrams simplify it nicely, and the flyer template too! Thanks"
Raelene Mibus
Regional Co-ordinator for EMP and Whole Farm Planning

Designing Brochures

"I just wanted to thank you for an outstanding contribution to the overall publication. I have had numerous positive comments from the advisers and producers regarding the format and layout of the publication!"
Lachlan Rowling
Advisory Officer 

"This is a very good article! You are not bad at this communications stuff! This brochure will lift the importance of soil even further"
John Kane
Peter Francis Aboretum


"Well done yesterday. I really enjoyed the day and I think you managed to draw out some great responses."
Lyall Grey
Communication Engagement Manager 
Glenelg Hopkins CMA