The demonstration farmers and other farmers will be initially trained in gathering soil and production data to scientifically back up the claims of increased production. They will be trained in taking soil tests and understanding soil structure, worm activity, soil organic matter, moisture and soil test data.

The three demonstration areas to be established by these farmers will then provide the basis for a variety of community engagement such as field days. Farmers listen to farmers who are leaders in their field. They are more likely to adopt measures if they can hear about the pros and cons from a farmers perspective and see the results for themselves.

The three demonstration farmers are;
Gary and Robyn Gebert, (Gary [right] pictured with Ian Fry)
Download their initial soil test here (2008)

Warwick and Lyn Brown,
North Coleraine
Download their initial soil test here (2008)

Bill and Merrissa Stonnill,
Download their initial soil test here (2008)